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Like everyone on these forums we have many friends we have met over the years.  I hope we can all meet again as soon as all this stuff is over.

I’ve missed the dinners and other get together and hope we can start again.

It ’s so much fun walking the walls and looking and seeing everyone. That is missed.

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Thank God I heard that minor league baseball will be back, so I can at least go to a ballgame. I might have to go to York (as a non tca member) this yr as I want to build a layout in the next yr. It would be cool to meet some forum folks. I also have an in person job interview (please pray it goes well), which is the first time I’ve seen employers do in person in a while. I’m a people person and am sick of this (insert expletive here).

@Mannyrock posted:

I've never been to a train show before, but I am looking forward to it.  I really like looking at older stuff. NIB stacked on tables doesn't hold much interest for me, since I am not a collector.

But, sad to see from the photos, that the average age looks like 62.   And I am 6 years over that.  :-(


Speaking as a father of four, part of the reason it's an old guy hobby is that young fathers don't have a ton of spare time or money. No regrets at all, mind you, but if I redirected the time I spent coaching girls softball, attending plays, musical performances, or gymnastics meets to my hobby, I'd have completed one heckuva layout 25 years ago.

"I really like looking at older stuff. NIB stacked on tables doesn't hold much interest for me, since I am not a collector."

Well, there's a few ways to look at it...

I agree that the real interesting stuff can be found under the tables, a "secret" shared by most of us old guys who are not collectors of new stuff, but operators (and collectors) of old stuff. 

I have found lots of esoteric, bizarre and occasionally, even rare items, in those boxes under the tables with the shiny new boxes on the "main floor."   I run some of the items I find, and some I just put on shelves, to admire for their history.

I used to go to the Westchester event every time it was scheduled. It was easy to get to from my then home in Manhattan. I found a complete set (nine cars, ISTR) of AMT Santa Fe passenger cars within 5 minutes of walking in one year.  Another guy and I both arrived at the table at the same time. He said "I'm not sure..." I said "Sold!"  Not cheap, but a steal.  One of my fondest memories of train shows.

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