I like the video as much as the song!

I don't know about the video. A search shows that the song was written by Fred Rose and recorded by Roy Acuff and His Smokey Mountain Boys on May 28, 1942.
The first time that I ever heard the song was when I purchased the album shown below.

All About Trains - Cover 1All About Trains - Cover 2


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Yep - - - CB&Q all the way!   2-10-4's shown, which were rebuilt in the late '30's for Lincoln-Denver fast freight service (max 55 mph), seen in passing sidings. Judging from the terrain, think it was photographed in eastern Colorado. Additional clue: steel coaling tower, which replaced older wood, ramp-style coaling dock. Steel coaling towers were seen on the McCook and Alliance Divisions of the Q, particularly in the following Nebraska locations:  Red Cloud , Holdredge, McCook, Benkelman (home town of Ward Bond, Wagon Master on tv show "Wagon Train") and at the following Colorado locations:  Wray, Akron, Brush, Roggen, and Denver.

I've had a copy of that album for years. Cleaned it up using Magix audio cleaning lab and converted it to WAV. It now happily rests in the Country genre of my music library on the old computer. i think Acuff did a later version with different lyrics. Would agree on eastern Colorado - that elevator right at the end of the video looks like the standard build for CM&E elevators that were scattered all over the state. Think Hungarian mile high flour.

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