I'm wondering what isn't being done correctly

I notice a lot of the posts contain repeats of the original poster's pictures.

I'll assume there is a way not to do this. What is being done that causes this to happen?

Sometimes it takes a lot of extra time to scroll down and read the replies.

Maybe this has been addressed already but I didn't know what to search for.



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If I'm quoting a post that has photos that don't need to be quoted, I write my message, then click on the photos to highlight them and hit the [Delete] key. Takes 'em right out.

If I happen to need one or more of the quoted photos in my response, I click on and delete every photo but  those. It would seem not to many know they can do this (same with editing thread titles) 


John H posted:

People are lazy. There was a post this morning that quoted a post that had already reposted many pictures. It's really bad on Scott's topic on the weekends.

Agreed! Even when they want to post pics, instead of waiting to upload pics then hitting the box to post pics on the thread in the upload, they just hit the reply button too quickly. That means all of us reading the thread have to click on each photo to blow it up and view.

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OGR Webmaster posted:

Instead of using the Add Reply box at the bottom of a thread, people use the Reply with Quote feature, which quotes the entire post! About 90% of the time, it’s not needed.

Exactly the main reason that I never try and view that "Weekend Photo Fun" thread! Just too many cases of someone copying an entire post of many photos, then typing two words, "Nice pics.". How ridiculous!

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