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I agree with Lionelski:  I'd like to see how you've designed the plow so it this swivels with curves.  It's almost like it is riding on a set of its own wheels, and then it is attached to the switcher via the coupler.  I want to see what's "under the hood" so to speak. The plow is impressive, but the structure underneath is intriguing.

And I've asked this before to other 3D designers, but what software application did you use?

Very nice!


That's a really cool design and an awesome idea for an outdoor layout! Why use a snow shovel if you can do it prototypically (and have much more fun besides)?

I like your diesel locomotives too. I bought a couple of those MPC diesels at a show earlier this year, I've been making custom engines out of them with 3D printed cabs.

I took a quick look at your linked post. Your 3D prints look really good!

@RJT posted:

Cool idea and nice work but not wanting snow on your idea but the snow between the rails that the plow does not move may cause a short between the rails so I hope all you run outside would be battery powered locomotives. Still really nice work and a great idea.

I will have some type of switch, disconnecting the center rail pick-up wires, when on battery power.

Rails will be powered only when weather conditions allow (certainly not in rain & snow).

Well, I didn't get the plow finished as soon as I thought. Although it worked as is, for my purposes, since the interest shown for it, I tried to improve it for a broader audience. But the more I changed it, and the more I tested  it, the more issues I found, and things to improve further.
I also been busy with other projects I am trying to finish, plus my full time work, etc...
So I finally decided to stop there, and upload what I have, on Thingiverse. So here we go: Lionel Snow plow on Thingiverse
Here is a short YouTube video I made today of the plow: Snow plow on YouTube

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