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I finally got the staples out after cutting my finger. There are no directions with it. I have the 4.5 volt power supply, but I don't know where to plug it in. Their are 2 places you can plug it into. One of the places has a pigtail.  I don't know which one to use. Also I have no idea where you put the water in, or how much to put in. Help! Help! Help!

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From THIS PICTURE, it looks like the distilled water is added through the grate in front of the rocket.  Their literature doesn't say how much to put in, though.  It probably doesn't take much for it to work.

As for the power, you can use either plug.  Menards buildings usually come with two places to plug in -- one underneath and one on the side so that you can plug it in where it is most convenient for you.


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I use an angle tipped 8 oz. plastic applicator bottle - similar to what hairdressers use. They are available on Amazon and drug stores and most everywhere else.

Like Andy said, you can use either plug - just depends on whether your power wire comes up from underneath the layout in which case you would use the pigtail so the wire is hidden or the wire lays on the layout in which case you would use the side plug.

I squirt about 1/2 ounce of distilled water into the grate in front of the launch pad, when I'm running it. I have it on a switch, so it doesn't run continuously. I keep the bottle on my workbench to wet my sponge when I need to solder.

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