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I'm trying to source some parts for my basket case 221. I inherited the locomotive from my dad in basically the condition you see here.

Here's what I've figured out i need:

1 - Center blind driver w/ nickle trim, left hand side (no gear teeth) + an axle
3 - Side rod Screws.
1 - Center axle Bushing for between the main connecting rod and the eccentric on the crank.
1 - Main connecting Rod
Eccentric Rods for the LH side
Motor brushes
Motor brush back/retainer plate

The side rod screws and eccentric rods Iv'e been able to find online, but most others I can't seem to. Does the 221 share any of those parts with other pre/postwar steamers? It seems like the 1668 does looking at some listings.

The motor brush/back plate seems particularly oddball looking at pics of ones i can find on eBay. The only one close to it with the same shape is for a 259E, however it has the brass supports with the wire springs to hold in the brushes with the little notch, whereas this has the sorta dome like ones with springs attached to the brushed, and would not fit in the body unless i somehow swapped the hardware. EDIT: It seems to be the same as the 1666/224E? looking at pics.

If anyone can point me into the direction of the rest of the needed hardware, whether from dealers or even their own bin (would happily pay). Or even just part #s.

Thank you very much!





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Center blind driver (plain center wheel) 1666M-7

Axle, 1689E-27

side rod screws, 221-29

center axle spacer, 226E-28

valve rod assy., 221-9K

brushes, 1661E-29

brush spring, 224E-101

eccentric rod LH (valve rod assy.) 221-13

brush plate, 289E-23

All of the above parts, except the brush plate, are available from Jeff Kane, The Train Tender, 585-229-2050.  Jeff may also have the brush plate, ask him when you call.  The brush plate is available from Dennis Waldron, Just Trains

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