AN OGR MEMBER FOR A DECADE OR SO, AND ONE WHO, IN THE PAST, HAS POSTED ON SEVERAL FORUMS, AND REPLIED ON SEVERAL.  I FIND I CAN NO LONGER SEE MY POSTINGS, less a few which show up when I sign in, from at least 7 years ago ...  and no way I can see, to see anything I submitted, in reversed date/time order (most recent first).

Formerly, my postings showed up, most recent first, then went back as far as I wanted to see ... but no more ...

And I am losing both my eyesight and sensibility with all the ridiculous and annoying splash page flashing ads ... what genius thought of this ... lord king moderator perhaps? ... probably not, but a child computer geek being cute.  I know ads are required to fund the site ... but must they be so obtrusive?

Also, I am getting some responses to postings, from scammers outside the membership of OGR, and I want to avoid that.

best regards, and respectfully, richard

best regards and respectfully, richard  ... 
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Here's a link for your posts, reverse date order. (just from "Advanced Search" - All I selected was your screen name and "by date" near the bottom of the form before I hit the button to do the search)

The other things are what they are.  The "flashing" is because the site want's to see more spots than there is real estate up there, so it's do that or make the banner even bigger than it already is.  People not active on this site can get your email out of the profile, but only if they've registered at some point.  In other words, only registered members can get your email if you make it available in your profile but non-members can see it.



Richard....this is from the "lord king moderator" using your description of the main moderator of this forum.  First of all....there are no splash page flashing ads on this forum so I don't know why you would be seeing something like that....must be a problem on your end.  The only ads are the banners and they are at the top of the pages...easily scrolled by if they do not interest you.

Secondly...when you go into your profile and click on the choice to see what you have posted, it all comes up from newest to oldest....just like it always has...yep, it does because I just looked.  You can search through your profile as to what you have posted two different ways...either by date or query using certain words that are used in your post. 

Thirdly...over the years, your posts have been for many of our members very difficult to decipher...I know this because the moderators have gotten plenty of alerts from members that can't figure out what you are trying to say or sell.  Just like this post, I have had to move more than several of your posts to the correct category so that other members can find them in the future.

Finally...only forum members can reply to your posts and as far as the for sale forum which you use frequently, if you give your email address within the post, then you open yourself up to getting contacted by non-members.  This is why you should direct folks to contact you via your profile where you can make your email address available only to forum members.  Of course, perhaps you are saying that some of the folks you are being contacted by are forum members and you feel they are scammers...?  Not sure what you mean.

Dave's post above is right on as far as how to find your posts...nothing has changed as far as that goes for quite a few years...

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