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I could use some guidance. After seeing some great posts from harmonyards, Lou1985, AlexM, gunrunnerjohn, and many others, I have been inspired to tackle this project. I would like to upgrade the electronics, fix the paint, and add some detail parts to my Williams #5005 brass locomotive.

The plan is to install ERR Cruise Commander, Railsounds, MTH smoke unit, Chuff Generator, Super Chuffer. Add LEDs for the headlight and a cab light. I have ordered decals from the L&N Historical Society.

While I am waiting on all the electronics to come in, I started on the tender to try to remove the white painted numbers and border. Using 91% isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip, the white paint remained, and the black paint started to come up.


So, my question is what shall I do now? Do I sand down the white paint to brake up the lines or do I strip the whole thing down to the brass and start over?

The wheels and running gear should be black as well. Should I paint them or chemically darken them?

Please advise, Tom


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I use acetone to remove lettering/numbers from zinc and brass models. Don't use it on plastic.

I have never had it affect the paint underneath, but a hidden test spot is always advisable. I have done several projects on the Samhongsa Williams Pacific (and Mike) like yours. Good model; great-looking proportions, though more a USRA Heavy 4-6-2 than a light USRA one.

You do not need to strip and repaint the entire model. Gosh, no. You do want to spray the parts you want to paint with a basic hardware store flat gray primer - BUT, you do not need to repaint it at all, if you want it black. Remove the lettering and re-decal it. Solvaset then Dullcote.

I painted the shiny wheels on mine; I have used (brushed) both enamel and good-quality acrylic. It will tend to chip off some, but over time it seems to get tougher. Easy touch-up.

If I can find that photo....

Found it. Kind of dark. I painted mine all over in a weathered black (really automotive dark gray primer) and detailed it for the Mobile and Ohio, which had USRA Pacifics, too. This also has TMCC/Sound, but was done so long ago that it's a Train America Studios unit.

Keep at it. I want to see it properly decorated for the L&N.



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