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@RSJB18 posted:

Very cool Sam. Looks like it was fun to build too.


Thank you! It sure was fun!

A worthwhile way to spend some time, and a nice layout too!

Thank you!

@jdstucks posted:

Great video!

Now I have to tear down and start over so I can run and even longer train to beat you LOL!

- Jason

I’ll be looking forward to it👀

@TomSuperO posted:

Nothing like seeing a long coal train.  Good job Sam!!   Like all your different coal cars.

SuperO Tom

Thank you! I love coal drags, especially since we get them through the same spot I model at

@Buco posted:

Sam....what was the diesel doing at the end of the train???

Was it under power helping to "push", or was it a "dummy" just going along for the ride???

Peter......Buco Australia.

I had to use that engine to evenly distribute power to avoid the cars stringlining in the curves. The big boy pulled all 71 cars on its own, but there is an S curve on my layout that the whole train would not clear because the weight at the end of the train would pull the cars over, somewhat like what happened at the end of the video in the blooper reel

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