If my catalog perusing was accurate, 2006 was the last year Lionel released a Legacy subway set. It was the MTA R-27 set in green and the catalog drawings looked very nice. It featured automatically opening doors. I've never seen this set in person, however. My only concern is that it was rated for O-72 diameter curves - quite large for a subway line IMO. O-54 would be reasonable. The opening doors would be nice but not necessary. Legacy control and Railsounds are the primary features I'd like to see.

I understand MTH has the subway market, but for various reasons I'd prefer a Legacy subway set.

FWIW: I don't have a subway line per se, mine is more of a pseudo subway line that travels under my elevated city and emerges at base level in a couple of places. A subway train that could be easily programmed to start and stop at the two stations would be pretty cool.

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In 2010 Lionel had R16's with the opening doors, and they had a min curve of O36. I'm a huge fan of subway trains and have a pretty good fleet of Chicago subway sets. I don't think Lionel has ever or will ever produce a CTA set, but if they do I would be very intrigued.

Your right, there needs to be more of these sets, I have the R30 red set and it could be a 2009/2010 cataloged set? It’s fun to watch the doors open and close, and the sounds are cool. Good Question...Happy Railroading F92CBE34-A732-4B58-806B-1772ED46EB8EA5BB6814-1886-4E26-B162-E7DDC70AC6F9


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I do love the R27 set, I tested one out in 2011 and was very impressed with it. Although I am a MTH subway fan, the Lionel R16 peaked my interest but unfortunately by the time I had money for the set it was sold out. Now if they come out with a R38, R46, or even a R160 then all bets are off and I have to get one as long as it's under $1,500.

On one of Lionel’s Ryan and Dave shows they do on Facebook, Dave had mentioned that they are working on bringing the Legacy Subways back. That was three catalogs ago at this point...

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