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I was not in the hobby when Sunset made the SAL Silver Meteor unfortunately, but would love to have some/all.  Do the powers that be know if there has been discussion to bring these back for a rerun?  Would be awesome to go with my new Sunset SAL E6-A.

Silver Meteor Dome


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  • Silver Meteor Dome
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@GG1 4877 posted:

Athearn has a nice rendition of the Yellow Kid in HO scale.  Some days I wonder why I left HO.  However, I'd love a late era D16sb personally!

And Westerfield made a full train in kit form in resin, which really demonstrates is that the prototype information to make this train accurately readily exists.

No interest in a late D16sb.  Might though be interested in a D16b or a D16d though

I'm totally in for a whole set.  Literally top of my wish list.  Have asked for it several times but I'm sure it will be many years before it's run again (if ever) as it was a fairly recent set -- right before I really found GGD unfortunately.  So I too am looking on the secondary market, but with only 75 total sets made, it's really, really hard to find.

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75 sets really is a small run. I’m surprised so few bought this set !!!! (You never know with these sets.)  And the base set was only 6 cars which made it a bit more affordable. The Silver Meteor ran in lots of east coast states with high population areas. That usually helps get needed reservations. Perhaps interest will grow but it’s a 2019 set - not that long ago. I think a run 2 could be a difficult task for now. However, Scott’s reputation / brand is growing a following so Keep Pushing to see it again.  More people are discovering Scott’s product.   It’s all about getting sufficient #s to get it to fly.
Cheers 😉

Wrong forum I guess. IMHO the SM was last great east coast train of it's era. (an ICON). Don't recall how many occasions that I went with friends and relatives as they boarded the SM in CAE for an overnight layover football  (Gator Bowl) party in JAX and then onto MIAMI (Orange bowl) the next day for more parties and football.  For some unknown reason I was not invited. Reason for this post, one of my great trains of the late 40's and early 50's.            Tommy

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