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IC Controls ASC3000 switch controller + QualComm 12VDC 300mA transformer that has been known to work with it.

Connects to your Command Base and allows TMCC control of up to 4 switches. It is presently set to be switch 1 to 4. This was part of my floor layout until about 2017, no issues.

In addition to a Command Base, you will need one of either a DSUB9-to-wire-leads, or, a Lionel 6-81326 SER2 and “Lionel 6-81499 - LCS DB9 Cable w/ Power Supply”, to get TMCC commands to this device. I do not have the part number for the first option, and it might be hard to find. You might be able to make one.

I tried this with all three combinations of

  • Black command base and DSUB9-to-wire leads, with gray CAB1
  • Blue command base 1L and DSUB9-to-wire leads, with blue Cab1L
  • Blue command base 1L and SER2 and LCS DB9 cable, with blue Cab1L

And it worked. You may run into a problem for the first two options as you put more and more items on the RS232 line, but I can vouch that I had both this and three IC Controls TPC400 with the original black Command Base and it all still worked, its just that it takes more wires.

Shipping from Zip code 60068. I can do USPS, Fedex, or UPS. For USPS, I ship from Skokie because the lobby is open before 8am and the desk at 8am.

As always, contact me thru the forum email.

IC Controls ASC3000

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