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Thanks again for helping to identify the  American Flyer locomotive I previously posted.  Still haAF3113AF RPOAF CoachAF Observationve a couple of sets I need help on.  This set is I believeThe Bluebird.  The locomotive is 3113.  Obviously missing some trim pieces.  The wheels look great.  I put it on the track and turned what I believe is the reversing switch.  The locomotive tried to run.  I didn't go any further into it as I am not a prewar AF guy and it looks like you have to undo the tabs on the locomotive to get at the motor.  Can this be true?  What am I overlooking?  There are three cars.  It is a very colorful set.  Obviously been well played with (hopefully lovingly) and needs cleaning up.  But I think all the parts are there

Questions: Is it The Bluebird?  Year of manufacture?  I intend to sell it here on the Forum.  What is your SWAG for value?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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  • AF3113
  • AF RPO
  • AF Coach
  • AF Observation
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If you are going to sell it, you should not do anything to it. Don't paint it, or take it apart, or anything except maybe oiling it.

Whoever buys it will have their own technique for bringing it back to life.

Many times a well meaning person who is not familiar with restoration/repair techniques of trains of a certain era will do something that they think is a good idea, but actually damages the set - sometimes beyond repair.

In other words, let the buyer work on it.

It's just my opinion, but my opinions come directly from my experience.

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