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Hello All!

This is my first post to this forum. Been collecting O Gauge trains for quite some time, just had my interest rejuvenated....

So here goes:

A while back I purchased 2 matching American Flyer locomotives that I believe are Pre-War.  One I've restored and the other is as found.  I'll let you figure out which is which in these pictures.

These units seem to have larger driving wheels than anything I see for American.  Can anyone help me know what model numbers these are?

American Flyer Loco beforeAmerican Flyer Loco C After


Images (2)
  • American Flyer Loco before
  • American Flyer Loco C After
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Those would be 3315 engines from 1937, which were cataloged as 1688 with the tender.

Your repainted engine has an incorrect headlight ferrule.  I believe reproductions are available from Hennings.  The correct head light surrounds look like the one on this engine (which is an earlier version of the same boiler, with smaller drive wheels)

As for the larger drive wheels on your locomotive, those wheels were first introduced in 1936 and came on Flyer's 6 wheel Hudson, their Hiawatha, and City of Denver engines. 


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