I have a handful of incandescent bayonet type toy train bulbs.  Some are clearly labeled, 14v, 12-16v, 18v, others are not.  Is there a way to ID bulb voltage by resistance?  The labeled ones are fairly consistent in resistance.  The one I am looking to replace has a higher resistance (32Ω) but are not labeled.  I'm guessing these are rated for above 18v, as they are much dimmer than the 18v bulbs at 18v.  These were installed in K-Line Heavyweights that I picked up, which had 2 different bulbs in one car.



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Most train lite bulbs don’t exceed 18 volts.You can get info on K Line passenger car lights and your problems are over


can you wire in the bulbs to the variable voltage post on your transformer?  This should give you some idea, if the transformer doesn't have V meter you can use a hand held meter. Hope this helps

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