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I have a BUNCH of old TMCC boards and RS boards. All the numbers are different and it has been frustrating trying to find out what these are good for! Is there any reference to this stuff online anywhere? Either something I can print or something I can search online? Any chance?

Don Merz

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@GGG posted:

Some # can be punched in the Lionel parts web and may shed some light.  The older version actually told you all the products that used that part, but Lionel disabled that function long ago.  G

For what it's worth, I've done this to sort of do what you want... once you have the part number, you can enter it into google as <part number> like:


Then if you click on the "images" tab you get a view of all the drawings it's included in.

Google search of 691R2LCC08

The TMCC boards would be fairly easy to identify if pictures are posted. Railsounds boards would need numbers or alternatively if you have an engine with a similar a RS board like RS 4 or 5 you could just swap the unknown board in and hit AUX1 7. That normally triggers road name and cab number. Also hit horn to determine if its steam or diesel.


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