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This is my 2nd post on this forum.  I have been liquidating a giant storage locker filled with various train stuff (real and model trains), for the estate of a man who was a toy distributor from about 1970 - about 2008, also an avid collector.   I've started with the simpler things that I could figure out on my own and left most of the challenging things until the end.  Not at the end, but the track is looming large!

So my first track question:  What size is this track, and what do I call it?   I have 4 boxes of Gargraves track, I've identified the first 3, using the box tag and comparing retailer photos with what is in the box to confirm that it is correct, all had 3 rails.  The last of the 4 is a box without a tag, but I am very sure it is Gargraves, just not sure what to call the track.  I am including a few photos.  I took out my trusty Digital Caliper and determined that the distance between the rails is 1.43" (or 36.4 mm), outside rail to rail measures 1.3" (or 33.1 mm).  The ties are wood, (seem to be pretty adjustable - they move) and they measure 2.15" wide (or 54.6mm).  They are straight tracks that measure approximately 37".  The rails look to be the same material as those that were identified as "tinplate" on the Gargraves website.   

Thanks so much, Melanie

P.S. Sorry if pics are too blurry...garage floor and night time lighting.


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