If Lionel made the Frisco 1522 in Legacy would you purchase?

Absolutely I would buy one, with only one caveat: if it was prototypical, i.e. the main driver being a Boxpok, air tanks on top of the boiler, prototypical coal bunker on the tender, and of course, VERY loud stack talk and a Hancock longbell 3-chime whistle with whistle steam. I very much doubt it's gonna happen, but one can hope.

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Yeah I want one, Of course I interested in all Frisco products. Wow , what memories that brings back. I grew up on the Frisco property in a small town in southwest Missouri. I believe the caption to the first pic; says it was taken in Monett. That's where I lived. I spent many hours down at the tracks. Monett was a junction and service center, round house, icing station, etc.. Most gone or reduced to rubble by the time hung out down at the tracks. I seen the 1522 back in the 70's at the museum , before I was in my teens. Then read that it had been restored, finally got to see it in Springfield, Mo in the late 80's or 90's. Anything with steam railroading is very rare in this area. We had tourist steam railroad here for a few years with a coupe of moguls, but they are gone now. Most equipment still there, but in need of lots of work. There is another Frisco engine in Fort Smith, It is in very good condition. It had just been outshopped when put on display in the park; It now resides at the Trolley museum. Report was if it was restored they have no where to run it.  Here's a idea, We have a local tourist line that runs on the old Frisco right of way from Springdale to Van Burin, that's right across the river from Fort Smith. This 2-8-2 should be restored and put back to doing what she did on the very tracks it worked when she was new. The Trolley museum, The Eureka Springs Steam Rail Road , The Arkansas and Missouri, should some how work out a deal to see that these historic steam locomotives are restored. The 2-6-0 mogul in Eureka Springs, worked on the construction of the Panama Canal. I think that qualifies it for historical significance. I would like to see the A&M some how become the owners or keepers of the engines before they are beyond repair. Yes I would by #1522,#4001 2-8-2, and The #201 2-6-0 this was the Steam engine that I road ad much as I could. It was a short drive from my town to Eureka Springs. Took a lot of dates there, and road the trains there, sure miss those trains.    

Beautiful locomotive, and nice restoration.

Before you commit, consider that the Texas class will be just shy of two grand, and this one will not have as many purchasers, driving the price up.

Consider that this is very close to a USRA Mountain, and a little scratchbuilding effort could put you in the ballpark for maybe $500 ?

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