It seems some folks here have expressed interest in a LionChief Plus Polar Express Berkshire engine. Would you buy one if Lionel offered it? Would it be your first P.E. locomotive or a replacement for the engine that came with your conventional or LionChief P.E. set? If a replacement, would you keep the set's original locomotive or try selling it? Bersides the features found in LionChief Plus steam locomotives, would there be additional features you'd want in a LionChief Plus P.E. engine?

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I would definitely buy LC+ version.  My original one was converted to TMCC via ERR with added sound commander and is very popular in our house.  Since I have two boys, I would keep the one I modified and consider adding a LC+ version if offered.


But having said that, it needs to have the detail the 10th anniversary has with the separately applied railings.



As a newbie, I bought a similar engine, the Lionchief+ B&O and it is an excellent engine - did have to get Lionel to replace the smoke unit - but, now the smoke unit is working fine.  The engine comes with a crawl speed feature that works great.

Now, that I have 2 other Legacy CAB2 controlled engines, I would only buy that type of engine with all of the Legacy's features.



Don't own the originals, or any LionChief products for that matter, but I would buy a LionChief Plus Polar Express if it should become available.

I would buy one LionChief+.


And also I hope they would also make the baby madison cars that are being offered for the other LionChief+ engines. The cars with 6 wheel trucks, detailed interiors & flexible diaphragms would be great.


I would consider one to run as a backup to my conventional one that I bought this past year for service on my layout at the Redford Theatre.  After about three months of running just about every other weekend, my current one is definitely showing signs of wear, so a second locomotive would be nice to swap out occasionally.

No.  I bought the 10th anniversary set last fall.  I also have an original issue set that I bought a rail sounds tender to replace the air whistle tender.  I do not plan to buy another PE engine with the possible exception of a full Legacy version but that would be very dependent upon price.

I would buy one !

I would run it as a freight thou.


unless I buy the LC set , then i would swap & use the LC one for freight !



That's a tough call.   We have the regular Polar Express, and the LionChief version.

One of them will probably end up on the For Sale forum soon.


Not sure if the jump from LC to LC+ would justify another acquisition.


YES YES YES!  Would love to have one.  Hated to buy the Optional tender just to get a decent whistle but I did.  Then I bought several extra coaches at the Warehouse sale so i would definitely buy one. I seem to be in the minority where LC+ is concerned as I think they look and sound great for a reasonable price.  Wouldn't it be even better if it came in a set????


Patiently waiting on my S Gauge Polar Express to ship as well.

Originally Posted by Bill Nielsen:

I'm not a fan of the Polar Express' goofy looking pilot/cowcatcher, so I doubt I would buy one, but if it were to be available as a LionChief Plus loco, I might possibly consider it, since I have a LionChief Plus Mikado that I'm very fond of. Without LionChief, not likely.


Bill In FtL


Well, until I bought the LionChief version, the answer would have been "yes". For now, the LionChief version I have is doing just fine.



The one feature that RailChief Plus offers above RailChief, is speed control. I'm spoiled, and honestly for me, it's one of the best features that the new generation of engines offers.



Originally Posted by paulp:

I would buy one LionChief+.


And also I hope they would also make the baby madison cars that are being offered for the other LionChief+ engines. The cars with 6 wheel trucks, detailed interiors & flexible diaphragms would be great.


Along those lines, I thought maybe Lionel would have added some more Madisons in the 2015 catalog. They made passengers sets and add-ons for some of the LC+ locos but not all. For example, I've got the LC+ B&O Pacific. No passengers cars to to go with it.

No interest. Bought the LC PE set and was not impressed - poor quality and just not worth the money. Already upgraded to the Legacy version and, although it's an apples-to-oranges comparison, at least it's a quality product worth the money. No matter the price, I hate spending money and being disappointed. I'd rather shell out the extra cash and be pleasantly surprised. 

not a fan of the lionchief line so the answer would be no + or regular. I do see a use for for the line just not for me. From the replies here I see there would be a good item to be produced

Definitely yes, I'd keep the LionChief PE engine I already have too it performed beautifully with no issues through our entire season. If they offer it in LionChief + it should come with the separately applied grab rails and 10th anniversary sound set.

I just ordered the 10th anniversary edition this morning. Got an excellent deal from my favorite forum sponsor; Mario"s.

I'm quite sure through past experience Lionel has been waiting for me to purchase this set before they announce the release of a LionChief + Polar Express engine and tender. (After all it's all about me anyway) Then Mario will continue to tempt me with great deals and there will be three Polar Express trains operating on our Christmas display this year.

No, I am into scale locomotives and very happy with the PE versions. Although I agree that there is an excellent market for this version of the PE.

How about a Postwar sized Berkshire decorated as the Polar Express with LioneChief Plus ?  With a nice diecast tender I think it would be a very good seller.

Nope, I wouldn't be interested in LC, or LC+. I see a lot of locomotives that would interest me in the catalog, but I will not support the LC, LC+ concept.


 I WOULD be buying many of those locomotives IF they were TMCC, but I DON'T WANT a box full of remotes that each only run one locomotive, or locomotives that I have to go get a specific remote to run. That remote dies, so does the engine. I am HAPPY with my Cab-1 and Cab-2s, grab ONE remote and control ANY Locomotive.


Lionel REALLY needs to develop a standardized plug system, so that they can install whatever level electronics fit the price point they are trying to meet with a product, but still have it up-gradable to be compatible with a (Potential) customers existing equipment.


 If a standardized plug system can work in HO or N scales, there is no reason it can't work in O Gauge.


 MTH puts DCS in EVERY Locomotive they produce, and their prices are competitive with Lionel's.


Lionel is just making  less and less of what I want, and charging more for what they do produce. Fortunately I have enough(Is that really possible?) locomotives that I could be fine with never buying another, but there are models that I would like to add to my collection that I don't have yet.


WAKE UP Lionel, there ARE sales to be had if you ever get it RIGHT.



I think for now we are good with the lc version that came with the set.  I  do agree that it would be nice if Lionel had a standard system  to upgrade the electronics with a plug swap. It is a lot easier to deal with mth electronis as they are all basically the same.

YES! They need to just get it over with and make it. So many people would but it. It's probably still Lionel's best selling set today. I was really disappointed when I realized that Berkshire wasn't part of the new plus line. I went and purchased an MTH Berkshire and the TIU with remote to pull the polar express cars! The Lionel berk is cool for the first year but then you see videos on YouTube of locos with cruise and a decent smoke unit and you want something better. Yea make it! "If you build it, they will come. I'd still buy one even tho I bought all this MTH stuff. 


IF Lionel would make an O gauge set resembling their S gauge Flyerchief Polar Express rtr set I would buy it in a heartbeat. The decision would be a no brainer. Btw, if they equipped the coaches with led lighting, that would be icing on the cake for PE fans.

I totally agree! Haha I'm running my MTH Berkshire, pulling the polar express passenger carts right now! It's 330 am here.. Lol I bought the MTH berk because the Lionel berk didn't do what I wanted. But if they made it like the flyerchief id be buying it and be happy. I like my MTH berk but I do miss the movie clip sounds to play for my 3 year old son. I seriously think Lionel dropped the ball on not making one. I'm now working on making some more scale like MTH 60 foot passenger cars. I just got the paint I needed the other day. It should be pretty cool when it's done. But again, even after doing all the mods on the MTH stuff; I'd still buy one if it had cruise; fan driven smoke, electric coupler etc.. 

Hey anyone ever notice on the box of their lionchief PE set, it says operating coupler on the tender? When I first bought it, that was one of the things I looked forward to.. That is not an operating coupler. It's kinda false advertising don't you think??

I upgraded a Series II PE to ERR cruise and RailSounds, then added the MTH smoke unit and my Super-Chuffer, so I probably have filled my need for the LC+ model.

Wyatts dad posted:

Hey anyone ever notice on the box of their lionchief PE set, it says operating coupler on the tender? When I first bought it, that was one of the things I looked forward to.. That is not an operating coupler. It's kinda false advertising don't you think??

It is operating....

It doesnt state "electro coupler".

Just says operating.

I don't  see any false advetising.

Yes.  I purchased the non-plus set for our grandchildren for Christmas, and they love it.  I would add the "plus" set to my roster, since my LionChief Plus locos are favorites on my postwar style layout with smaller radius curves.

Well then why don't they say the other coupler operate? Hmmm?????? Cause it's a given! That's why. So why point out an operating coupler on a tender? It's misleading whether you want to think so or not. 

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