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I recently picked up a IHC Engine Shed kit NIB and am excited about putting it together this winter.  My dad and I put one together years ago when I was kid on our first O gauge layout. A few years later, it didn't survive the move to Kentucky and my mom threw it away without telling me.  Anyways...


I remember for such a large building, it wasn't very sturdy.  I also remember the plastic door "hinges" broke very easily.  So I'm thinking about building framework out of bass wood and using brass dollhouse hinges on the doors.  I'd like to see how others have painted/weathered and strengthened their buildings.

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When I recently went to York, the main item I wanted was a IHC engine house as I wanted to rebuild and expand mine.  Sure enough I found one in the blue hall.  The great part was the kit had some additional pieces so I was able to kitbash and expand to 3 stalls.  I disassembled the one on my layout that I built about 10 years ago and was able to use those pieces for a brick interior. It is a great kit but it has some structural flaws in the design so was able overcome these in my new design.  For example, I was never happy with center support of the roof.  I came up with a better design. The interior walls add further support.  Much of the inspiration is from some of work I saw Norm Charbonneau do in his you tube videos so a lot of interior work ahead.  He is really good at detail as many of you know. I will never be as good as him but he does inspire. Here are some photos of my progress to date. The redesign will require some track realignment  so need to replace a yard switch to accommodate the 3rd stall. Looking for a Ross 100 right.



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What a cool thread to bring back to life. I combined 2 kits together so I could park Big boys in the shed. Shed was built on top of 1 7/8" unistrut and 3/4" particle board. Extra wide dado cuts in the particle board to accept track so top of rail sits at floor height. Wooden trusses scratch buit to replace the plastic ones. Brick paper on all 4 interior walls give it a finished look inside. I have looked at the above posts and I must say alot of you guys really have some awesome looking sheds with some great ideas. It is amazing what you can do with these kits, Look at my pics and you can see how nicely these buildings accept mortar between the individual bricks. These really are nice kits with endless possibilities. BTW.............If anyone is interested, I have 2 kits available for sale. 50.00 each plus actual shipping. Send me an email if interested. Don't forget, you need 2 kits put together to house the Big Boys.DSCF4100DSCF4096DSCF4177DSCF4185DSCF4188DSCF4203DSCF4174


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