Hello, im french and i have just bought the lionchief Disney Set for Christmas. I'm just a little disappointed because the caboose is not illuminated. i think its very easy to change this, i Can remove the roof, there is a slot for the light, and there are holes in the frame to pass the wire.

But i don't know which pickup could i take ? wich Lionel parts pickup is compatible with the truck?

thank you for your help.IMG_20191210_200931IMG_20191210_200925




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Trying to navigate the Lionel parts site has gotten more complicated with all the advances in technology: So many more parts and product variations.

I don't know if you are actually in France: Most likely you'll have to mail order the parts. Most Lionel parts dealers would probably have these items in stock also. You're going to need a soldering gun and the skills to use it, to solder the wires to the pick up, which does take a little skill as you don't want to melt the plastic on the pick up assembly.

I have no idea whether Lionel makes that part with wires already soldered on to it. I know K-Line at one time did.

Anyways, you'll need a pick-up assembly made for plastic trucks, which is here, part 10 in the list:


But then you'll need the bulb fixture and an 18 volt bulb made for the LionChief power set up, items 7 and 8 on the list. Disregard everything else in the picture as they are diecast trucks instead of the plastic ones you have.


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