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Thank you so much to Tom and all the Groff family who's hard work and dedication has brought to the world this wonderful display of toy train dreams. Starting with Grand-Pop George I cannot hope to express the joy you have brought to my family and countless others who where fortunate enough to visit the Choo-Choo Barn.

Of course my prayers go out to the whole Groff family but for some reason that seems to be a shallow expression as compared to all the good you have brought to this world through your expression of the toy train art.

Suffice to say the love Tom and  George with their tradition has shown the world should come back to the Groff family a thousand times over.

God Bless to you all.

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So sorry to hear of this. Tom is a genius at making this hobby "come to life". I was fortunate enough to meet him once. A friend of mine owns the HO scale Strasburg Model Railroad Club of South Jersey. After displaying his layout at the Strasburg Museum in 2017, we went to the Choo Choo Barn. When Tom heard we were there, he came down to greet us. He gave us the "grand tour", including behind the scenes and answered numerous questions. His ingenuity is surpassed only by his good will. 

May God bless Tom and his family 


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We are saddened to hear of the loss of Tom Groff who owned the Choo Choo barn in Strasberg, PA. I believe Tom was 77.  While only meeting Tom a couple of times, I found him to come off as a good and decent man. He regularly gave to charities and helped the least among us.  Surely he has earned a place with our Lord and savior in heaven.  Our prayers to the Groff family in their time of grief.  Tom will be missed.

The hand built model railroad exhibit was originally built by George Groff, Toms father. Tom continued the work by adding many animations to the layout that he designed and built himself. Today the third generation of the Groff family continues it's operation and the exhibit is not only great to see but remains as a Legacy to Thomas and George Groff. 


I may have met Tom when I went with my wife and young children 25 years ago to the Choo Choo Barn. What a fabulous LHS and splendid l as yout there!

I also bought one of my favorite train related items during my visit to the Choo Choo Barn: my Kramer Products metal O Scale baseball figures. Here are some of them:IMG_0576 I am just one of perhaps millions of people that has experienced joy and happiness thanks to Tom and the Choo Choo Barn. Arnold


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My wife, Kathie, and I just visited the Choo Choo Barn the day before the fall York Meet; it's always a wonderful visit. We especially enjoy seeing other visitors' kids' reactions as they make their way around the layout. It always reminds us of how much our daughter enjoyed it when she was a kid.

Our condolences to Tom's family. Hopefully, they'll be able to continue to operate and maintain the Choo Choo Barn as his legacy.


I remember as a young boy seeing Choo Choo barn every summer for at least ten years in a row from when I was 6 to 16 yeas old. I always wanted a layout like Choo Choo barn's, but, of course, I was not allowed the space in the house as the layout was bigger than the basement. Years later and after joining TCA I made it a stop every six months to see the improvements/modifications that Mr. Tom would make on the layout.

And now, Mr. Tom has passed on from this Earthly Terminal to the Next. I am sure that all who saw this layout, or even had a chance to talk to Mr. Tom will never forget his kindness and his ideas that he showed all of us.

Mr. Tom, I pray that you have Eternal Peace, Now and for all Eternity.

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