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I see a lot of folks interchange PS-1 and QSI when asking about board.  QSI made the PS-1 boards for MTH and it has ink print on the boards.  But yes, a true QSI 3 stack set versus the PS-1 2 stack are not interchangeable because the bottom board is DCRU no power parts for QSI and the PS-1 board has power but no logic parts like QSI.  The top boards are the same except the pin length prevents connections and the software can be incompatible.

Since taking a TP 392 I just assumed he needs help with a MTH PS-1 board as he called out in text, despite the title.  G

That is the charging resistor for battery.  Is it 24 ohms or open?  I have the bottom board, but that doesn't help if top board is bad?  Does your tech know PS-1, does he have spare boards?  I see those resistors burned but still work, they just overheated at one point.

He needs to make sure you have 5V and 10v out of the regulators.

If you want me to send you a top and bottom board contact me via email.  It is in my profile.  But if you sent me the board set with chip I could test and most likely repair your board at a reduced cost to just buying parts.  G

We have all the PS-1 boards in stock. Go here; MTH Parts & Sales LLC Parts Search Page

Enter these part numbers;

AD4500001                      (this is the PS1 bottom board)
AE4500001                       (this is the top soundboard w/o the sound chip)
AE4500098                      (sound chip for a Contemporary Tinplate 392 locomotive (there was only ever 1 sound file created!)

Order all of them or just what you need!

Thank you,
Mike Reagan
MTH Parts & Sales LLC

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