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IMG_5139IMG_5140This is a 3'x5' industrial complex.    It uses kits from Altoona model works office with round dome, DPM wall sections for the loading dock and Korber Models concrete and brick for the 3 story building. The walk over is scratch built and the gate house is a cut down korber tower. The fencing is woodland scenic. It will also be getting more modern trucks and autos.  It uses 2 rail Atlas O track but would work with 3 rail track.IMG_5127IMG_5128IMG_5129IMG_5130IMG_5131IMG_5132IMG_5134IMG_5135IMG_5136IMG_5137IMG_5138


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@Joe Fauty posted:

Stu - do you have a source for your transformers?


Joe,  I used to  use the K line but when they stopped I now scratch build them.  Walthers makes a nice HO one that some people use.   I think scenic express sells them or you can find them on line.  Here is a link to one but you can find a lot more.    I also use these smaller ones by scenic express.

Beautiful work. Those tractor trailer drivers are going to be angry at you, though.

Arthur,    please let me know why they would be angry.   i am serious with tung in cheek.   if you are referring to the two trailers that are facing the wrong way they are no longer road worthy and have been turned into storage only with the backs facing out.

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Here are the modern trucks and cars that will go with the complex.  They are all 1:43 so a bit larger then scale but with all the same scale and the large buildings with high loading docks end up looking good to me.   I will weather the trailers but  not the cars and trucks.   I also have a picture of some great 3d printed dumpsters.    The cars and trucks are from 3,000 and cost $10-$20 each.  The dumpsters have tops that open and were made by Model Scenery World and cost $26 which included shippingIMG_5202IMG_5226IMG_5227IMG_5228IMG_5229IMG_5230IMG_5231.


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