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Always on the lookout for good material for wicks, I stumbled across this.

1/8 Fiberglass Tiki Torch Wick. Buy 10 feet get 10 feet Free. $12.75 eBay: 112006257748

It's virtually identical to MTH wick, and so far in my tests, performs as well too.  If you're looking to test an alternative, it's a pretty good gamble.   It's basic all 1/10 the price of buying the MTH or Lionel wick.

Braided Wick N2Braided Wick N3



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I use a different wick in single resistor units, it was 1/2" braided wick.  Not the stuff with the hard shell, but all braided.  It shreds nicely for packing the Lionel style smoke units.

Tiki Torch Fiberglass Wick Wine Bottle Patio Lighting Oil Lamp Lights (1/2X8 Ft), $17.95 shipping free.  I cut the little threads on the outside and I get a nice fiberglass wick to shred into the smoke fluid bowl.


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