Info on these passenger cars?

I bought several scale length streamlined passenger cars in recent months.  All were 2rail, now converting to Atlas 3rail trucks.  The design of the coach and combine car I found is interesting.  The window bands sandwich between the roof section and carbody.  Thus window patterns and even paint schemes could be easily modified.  Any idea who made these? The only marking is on the inside of the car ends, marked "EPA." 

I am cleaning these up, added window glazing, later I will add an interior, refitted with Atlas O 3rail zephyr trucks.20180828_23210520180828_17131420180828_232052~01


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 I dug this up on the 'ol innerweb.....

Edwin P. Alexander

1905 - 1981

Ed Alexander was an agent for custom builders Fred Icken, Paul Egolf and others in the 1920s. He promoted O scale at the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair where he designed an O scale layout for the C&O RR display. Ed was one of the first to establish a mail-order company specializing in O scale locomotives, cars, structures and parts. Kits ranged from a NYC #999 4-4-0 to the famed Alexander PRR GG1. Ed also produced a set of cast aluminum PRR heavyweight passenger cars marketed under the E.P. Alexander label.

Ed was also a prolific author writing in many model magazines and authored many books about prototype railroads including (but not limited to): American Locomotives in 1941; The Pennsylvania Railroad, a Pictorial History in 1947; The Collector’s Book of the Locomotive in 1966, and Down at the Depot; American Railroad Stations from 1831 to 1920 in 1970. As one can see, Ed was not one to rest on his laurels.

Ed is also considered to be the “father” of the Train Collectors Association. The group that would eventually incorporate as the TCA in 1957 first met at Ed’s residence in late 1954. Ed held TCA Honorary Charter Member number 4. Ed was inducted into the O Scale Hall of Fame in 2000 at New Orleans. OST

Gilly@N&W posted:

Since Amtrak was formed in 1971 and Mr. Alexander passed away in 1981, your cars almost certainly were built sometime during that ten year period.

He certainly was quite a craftsman,  and true to the times, even to the later years with Amtrak.   Reading descriptions of his catenary powered GG1 Pennsy trains in the 1930s is fantastic.  Hope there are pics of his works.  Allan Miller, how about an article in OGR about Ed P. Alexander?

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