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I have a 3-set of the beautiful MTH Strasburg woodsided coaches (the set that includes the observation car).  I was thinking of selling since I don't use, but then again, maybe the Strasburg 98, MTH Premier Version 20-3595-1 would be a good fit for it.

Please let me know if there is a discussion on this locomotive somewhere on here; I was not able to find one.

Or, please discuss pros and cons of the locomotive by MTH.  A quick glance at Google images makes me think this MTH offering is a Premier 4-4-0 that is based on a different prototype and is re-costumed for different roads?  And/or the MTH is showing an early configuration of the locomotive and it changed over the years as shown in the google photos. 

It might not matter to me in this instance, but I seem to learn these things after the fact and would like to try to know more before I pull the trigger this time.  


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Hi Jeff, 

MTH's SRC 98 is based off the Wilmington and Western 98 that was restored by Strasburg but soon sold to the W&W. I have this model, and while it isn't very accurate to the prototype, it's nice to have a Strasburg steamer. If you are looking to sell those cars, shoot me an email, I still need that set to complete my train. 

Hope this helps,

Max.  Thanks for the info.

I'm somewhat of a rivet counter for my PRR stuff, but I think I could be lenient with this.

There's something about those cars.  IDK.  Something stops me from selling them.  I think I'd feel like they'd be ones I wished I never sold.  Come to think of it, really I should be looking for the other set to compete my set as you said!  

Here's an old crappy video of those cars:

I don't think 98 ever ran on or was owned by Strasburg.  It was purchased for use on the W&W RR, but was stored at Strasburg until facilities were located in Delaware.

I agree that it looks like the one version of the 999 tooling, but does look close to the 98.  I just don't ever think she was lettered for Strasburg.

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