Anyone have any information on a Lionel 19254 Set?  Cant seem to find any info on it but it has a brown auto loader so I believe it might be a rare set.  We looked in the books and uncatalgued books but cant find any info.  I think we stumped google too

Would appreciate some help on this one! Were thinking macys or gimbels?


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Its a 1963 set that was sold by retailer B. Altman.

#238=25 steam loco w/smoke and 234W tender, 6414-150 auto loader, 6406-30 automobiles, 6465 tank car, 6476 hopper, 6162 gondola, 6257 caboose.

could have come with green or brown autos- rarest

also with yellow autos.

Its a rare set according to John Schmid's guide to Lionel's promotional outfits


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