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I discovered today that my supply of decal paper has evaporated! I had been using paper from Evan Designs, but I am not finding it on their website. So, does anyone have suggestions? I liked the Evan Design paper because it didn’t require a clear coat before using them.


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I’ve been using laser decal paper because I never got very good results with inkjet paper.  I use Bare Metal clear laser paper.  First I make a high resolution master using glossy photo paper in my home printer, an Epson inkjet. Then I take it to Staples and have them run it off on the decal paper.  The cost ranges from nothing to about 85 cents, depending on how the copy tech is feeling that day.

This is a useful way of making O-scale decals when all that is available is HO.  You scan the HO sheet, resize it and take out the blue background (I use PhotoShop), then print it out and take it to Staples.

You still have the problem of not being able to make white letters.  That’s when I turn to Highball Graphics.

I've considered creating a decals for my various projects but didn't want to waste money on products that don't work very well.  So after reading this thread I looked on Amazon and they show 28 options for waterslide decal paper.  I'm thinking a bit more product info than just "Amazon" would be helpful.

Mike in NC,

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