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Is there a good website or other resource that has a lot of pictures I could use for inspiration for my scenery?

Specifically, I am trying to  model the transition era and currently working on an engine shed. So any place I could find pictures of similar structures with their surroundings would be most helpful.

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I have saved most of my model train magazines including, of course, OGR Magazine. Some go back to the late 1980s.

There is gorgeous scenery in those magazines. As a digital subscriber, you can access these magazines on your computer.

I prefer thumbing through hard copies. Periodically, I get in the mood for glancing through the magazines, often getting scenery related ideas.

If you have a railroad near you, it is helpful to visit the right-of-way and look at the scenery surrounding things like buildings and other things that are around. Even look at any rock formations or hills and if you can take pictures. I do that and compare them with our magazine resources. Also there are some really fine videos on scenery on the web. I made over 200 poly trees for a mountain and that technique came for the web. Also another video on ground cover and how to make it look realistic with a low budget. I will be making some new poly trees and some addition ground cover and if you want, I can do some step by step pictures for you along with what you need to purchase. The last picture shows the module back in place on the layout . Billpoly trees 4poly trees 2poly trees 6thumbnail [1)poly trees 2FM 5


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At one time, Scenic Express, is/was, a forum sponsor.   The illustrated catalog of all available materials is/was, a very good "Inspiration for scenery"   IMO, Mike CT.   As the electronic world/media evolves, you may find the online Scenic Express catalog a good source.  Rock molds were my favorite.



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