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I'm stealing a PS2 system from a different engine and sticking it in one of my old PS1 engines. I'm aware of the changes required at the couplers, the speaker, installing the flywheel for the tach and the tach reader and all that jazz.

My question is that the wiring harnesses from the engine that I've stolen the PS2 card from included two switches. There's a two rail / three rail switch, and a DCS polarity switch.

The engine I'm installing it into does not have any two rail provisions, and I don't care to install the switch. I'm assuming I can just tie those wires together as if the switch was in the three rail position. But the DCS polarity switch is also sharing one of the pinouts and I don't know if I need to maintain the DCS polarity switch for anything else.

If I'm not going to use two rail, I assume I don't need to be able to switch the DCS polarity. But I do need to know which polarity it should be set to by default if I'm using the normal three rail setup. Goal is to not have either switch installed. 20220925_014811



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