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So, I have and old 1950's era F3 diesel.   rear mounted Horizontal engine and EUnit.   empty Battery Holder.  I need conventional what ever I get.  Horn Bell (motor if possible for conventional).   any suggestions???   I want to install a smoke at sometime also.  can I get a smoke that will work with 2 output stacks?   if I can't buy one anyone have an idea how to make one?    

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Well, the way I go for a conventional sound board that has prime mover and horn/bell is the ERR RailSounds Commander with the F3/F7 sound set.  A smoke unit install will really depend on what's under those stacks, my guess is the E-Unit and battery holder is in the way and would have to be moved.

I'd seriously consider looking for a more modern F3 that already has sound and smoke, probably won't cost that much more and it'll certainly be a ton easier as far as labor is concerned!

@WestCelt posted:

I want to install a smoke at sometime also.  can I get a smoke that will work with 2 output stacks?

Easy, an MTH PS1 smoke unit is designed to operate off varying track power- AKA conventional and STILL regulate the smoke resistors as the voltage coming in varies (obviously within limitations).

Under upgrades and other items https://www.mthpartsandsales.c...ts/240?type=products

You then would have to make, fabricate, design in 3D, and or 3D print a dual smoke funnel duct- that allows filling the smoke unit with fluid and allows the smoke evenly to both outlets.


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I found the growl of the old universal motor was practically drowning out the sounds from the RailSounds Commander. Just a heads up if you go in this direction.

I agree, but only if you use a modern electronically-controlled transformer or equivalent.  I actually I get my most substantial growl when driving them with a TIU.

They're not bad if powered by an old-fashioned 1033, or a ZW, for instance.

The chopped wave produces exaggerated growl, except at full throttle when the chop, and the resultant excessive growl, disappear.


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