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Mario AKA  CentralFan1976   ( ) sells Lionel Kadee mounts on Shapeways for GP7/9, GP30, and GP40s. After I installed them on a pair of Lionel GP9s. The good idea fairy set in and I decided to do an install on a MTH GP35.

The purpose of this thread and others, is to show how adapt his products for other uses. The Part 2 is the install of Kadees on the Weaver RS11

You will note that I haven't gone full out and fixing the pilots in place. That will come eventually and will be an easy mod since most of the heavy lifting was done with the Kadee install.

Part List: Kadee#740 Type E Couplers Medium Centerset with Metal Gearbox



This was a pretty straight forward install. Originally I had used the GP9 mounts ( ) but other night, I swapped them out for the GP30s. End result better fit and allowed the mount to be flush with the pilot.

with GP9 mount


With GP30 mount replacing GP9 mount. Notice how it sits flush now.


I first assembled the mounts with the Kadees and then painted them black to match the pilots

Once I removed the pilots, I put the mounts in and once I had it set were I wanted it( flush with the front of the pilot). I drilled out the holes in the pilot using the GP30 mount as my guide.
To insure the mount didn't move will drilling, I used a piece of two sided tap to help hold it in place.


Once done, it was simply screw them in place. and reinstall the pilots.




Finished product.  Note the other engine in the photos are an Lionel Legacy GP9 using the GP9 Mounts as designed.










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