Hi guys asking for a little help here.I want to install new gears on my new wheels for a 252 engine.I see on the old ones that the corners were peened over but i don't think this will work as well with the new gears there doesn't seem to be enough material.I thought that I saw in this forum somebody said to use J.B. weld will this work.

Thanks in advance Jim


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If you are using the MEW wheels, tapping the gear down flat on the wheel, using a ratchet socket, there is plenty of room to "peen over" the 4 corners of the gear hub w/ a flat punch to attach the gear firmly.

 I have not used either of the other 2 importers of the same wheel to compare.  Just wanted to set the record straight.  Harry 


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It is very important to make sure that there is no casting flash or anything else causing an uneven surface which would prevent the gear from fully seating. A little work with a file will assure a flat surface. In over 50 years, I have never had to resort to the use of glue. Follow Harry's instructions. Good luck!


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Hi alright I am going to try to post photos(not very good at this stuff.In one photo I have an old gear and a new gear for comparison,if you look at the corners of the new gear you can see it is rounded out.I am afraid that this will take away from the amount of material that holds the gear to the wheel.



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