Lionel lists kit 6-22919 for GP-9s produced before 1999 and 6-14018 for command upgradable GP-9s.  I put the 22929 kit into a command Virginian rectifier and have been very satisfied with the results.  The kit is very easy to install and the instructions are complete.


You just need the electrocouplers, that's all there is to installing them in a TMCC GP-9.  Look at the parts pro hobby posted.  Here's the two couplers and connectors for $20.50 shipped on eBay: 131888054085

For "command upgradable" engines, you first need to do the upgrade, then buy the electrocouplers.


There is just two prongs on the board one for each coupler the other two wires need to goto a ground. I have the engine and have done it. if you want to just plug in you need one wire from each coupler to goto the board two spots. To me the easiest way was to cut one free about 2" above the jack and connect a wire from the other coupler. then take the other wire from each coupler twist together and fasten to your ground on the frame. 

This was before they did separate prongs for. just looked at your link and it is basically what I'm saying 

By the way this was how Boxcar Bill told me to do it as I just bought two coil couplerss from his as it was cheaper than the kit. 


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