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I'm a newcomer to the forum. By way of quick introduction, I'm a retired naval flight officer and just turned 60. I have decades of modeling experience but not a lot of model railroad experience. I dabbled with HO for years, but after watching my grandson play with some of my old Lionel stuff along with a new LionChief set, I realize that shifting to O scale will benefit both of us (and I have another grandson on the way). 

I recently purchased on eBay an Atlas RS-1, TMCC equipped (Rock Island #739, circa 2004), that was offered as "factory sealed," but there was no instruction manual in the box. The seller has pledged to find one, but I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime I'm seeking help for an alternate copy of the owner's  manual. A PDF is fine.  Any suggestions?

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I found product info, but no manual. Product ID 6882-2 2003 catalogued

it used Electric RR TMCC boards. The commands should be straight forward as any TMCC commands. The TMCC manual is in a special post/thread with everything TMCC/Legacy. 

In conventional mode, it will run as any other engine if no TMCC signal is present. If you have a TMCC base or Legacy base, set the engine up in TMCC mode. Press ENG and then #1 and it should respond to commands. One thing to note is that you will need a battery for conventional operation to have start-up and shut down sounds. 

You should find a hatch somewhere for the battery. There should also be a smoke/no smoke switch and a PROG/RUN switch to program the engine. This is one of the few diesels that I think should definitely smoke. 10-15 drops of smoke fluid down the stack should get you going.

The product snips that I grabbed are attached. The TMCC manual from Lionel is also attached. 


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Some of the very early Atlas speed control models had TAS (Train America Studios) electronics.  ERR is a different manufacture/supplier.  Operational differences are few.   This RS1 has TAS electronics.  There were also some of the original RS1 models that did not have speed control/ strait TMCC.   Rapidly changing technology at the time.  IMO, Mike CT.    

Battery is in the fuel tank.  Not easy to access. 

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