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Hello all,
I'm having a bit of conundrum. I recently completely installation of a new signal on one of my mains.
It's an MTH single mast position light signal (30-11013) wired to a DZ-1075, which in turn is wired to an insulated section of track.

Here's where things become strange. The signal powers up just fine. When I roll cars through the insulated track the signal goes through the motions of stop, caution, and clear. The cars clear the block, everything works as it should.
Applying power to track changes things. When I roll a car through the block, the signal shuts off. However, once the car clears the block the signal goes through the traditional sequence of caution and then clear. There is no timed stop as there would be without power.

I'm not sure what the issue is here, as I have an identical setup on the neighboring track and that works just fine.


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OPTION B – If the optical sensor is covered with black tape, then the input
(YELLOW) wire can be used to control the sensor. Connecting the input wire
to an isolated rail will cause the sensor to change its two outputs and operate
a typical LED signal.

Did you remember to cover the sensor with black elect tape? - this is my guess

Did you connect the yellow wire to the track?


My last thought still has to do with powering the track and the DZ1075. The ground of the track power output of the Z4000 must go to the outer rail of your layout, and the ground of the accessory output of the Z4000 must go to the ground of the DZ1075 (DZ1075's black wire).

If, as I suspect, the track outer rail and the DZ1075 are not connected to the Z4000 black terminals, the reason why it works with track power full off is that I believe the Z4000 grounds the its red track output with full off throttle - necessary for correct proto operation.

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