I stumbled on this video while searching for something else unrelated. Not often do you see an old home movie this dedicated to the model trains themselves,  usually it's just a quick glimpse under the Christmas tree.  Some great footage of  post war Lionel rolling stock and accessories in action. Worth a look if you haven't seen it and sorry if it's been posted before.  

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Love it!! This is why I am stopping with the new electronic Legacy and scale stuff and focusing more on the Postwar and MPC.......Again :-)


Great fun! Sure brought back many of my childhood memories. I had forgotten about those huge camera spotlights, blinding and hot!

Thanks much!


Dave Warburton posted:

Great fun. Thanks for sharing!  Love the train sound effects. Anthony had fabulous parents. Truly. A lucky boy.  

Did you guys watch the whole clip?

The young man's father was killed, in front of him, when he was 11 years old and then his mother sold all of their trains. 

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