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Just received a new Lionel Legacy F7 unit from Mr. Muffins Trains. The non powered unit programmed easily like it should, when attempting to program the powered unit, nothing happened no horn honk, nothing. It will run in bluetooth, and I came across the place in the manual that all legacy engines will respond to channel 99. It will run on channel 99, but interestingly enough will run the same whether the run/program switch is in run or program. Tried to reset the engine and now it also responds to channel 1 commands again responds whether the switch is in run or program. It still will not allow me to assign a different legacy ID number. Any thoughts. Hate to send it back as I sort of have a work around. But don't like having something that is not really running like it should. Thanks in advance for the advice,


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Actually got motivated tonight and checked over the run/pgm switch, had a loose solder connection. A little bit of heat and voila I have a fully functional locomotive. Thank you to all for the keen advice.




You're obviously a tinkerer.  If you weren't you'd have thrown a fit by now about Lionel's poor quality, and instructed the rest of us to band together and stop buying from Lionel in order to send the company a stern message.

A cooler head prevailed here -- just a little tweak and you're good.


I'm not saying that we all should ignore what has apparently become a serious problem with quality, however  there are times when it's just not worth the fuss, and this was one of them.


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I know enough about electronics to be dangerous, and I will definitely try to fix things myself if it is something simple.
I actually think it is kind of a miracle that these fairly fragile engines get shipped around the world and bounced along back roads by UPS and for the most part work when we plug them in.

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