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There was a thread about a year ago where someone visiting the Horseshoe Curve took a video of one of those passing through it. I searched for the thread and couldn’t find it. I did take a screen grab of the carrier.  Note it’s just the engine, an empty flat car, the nuclear load, another empty flatcar, and a special caboose full of security personnel.

Update: Someone just posted something with info on the caboose.



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The link that Hokie 71 provided shows the exact car that the OP asked about. Here is a picture.  It is an M-290 Naval Spent [Nuclear] Fuel Shipping Container on a special design Atlas railcar.  Walls are 10-11" solid stainless steel.  The link also discusses the new Rail Escort Vehicles that are being built.  Details are hush-hush, but there are no windows, just small apertures described as firing ports, length is 69 feet long and weight is 185,000 pounds fully loaded.  Gotta wonder if the sides are armored . . .

The full consist is 2 Locomotives--Buffer (flat) car--M-290/Atlas Railcar--Buffer (flat) car--Rail Escort Vehicle.  Pretty cool!


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