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Ok here's the rundown. These are very nice! They shipped quickly directly from China. The details are great. Would love to compare to Atlas. The pins are part of the mold and are permanent.

I bought an MOL in 40', and OCL & MSC in 20' sizes.

1. They are scale length. The MTH 40' containers are scale and line up perfectly. The 48' containers are scale at exactly 12" and these line up with the 40' marks. HOWEVER the holes/pins on the MTH containers are just a bit too narrow so these do not fit. Thus these do not fit the holes in the Husky Stack cars either. Also the MTH Husky stack cars don't even have holes to accommodate 20' containers.

2. The Lionel 48' containers are known to be undersized (I think by 2 scale feet) so the length does not allow these to stack. However the width for the pins is perfect. These containers almost fit the Lionel Husky Stack cars, however because they are made for the undersized Lionel containers, these are just a bit too long. They will fit the inner holes and can be made to fit "good enough". I marked inside the cars where there needs to be an additional hole to fit these containers.

I do not know about Atlas products as I sold my Twin Stack set and containers a while back.

I have many pictures.

RED Hamburg = MTH 48'

GREY APL 48' = Lionel


Lionel has two sets of holes for 20'


MTH doesn't have any.


The holes are not wide enough to fit the pins on these.



Black Sharpie marks shows where the holes need to be to fit these scale containers.



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Comparing the Evemodel MOL to MTH and Lionel. Pins on Evemodel too wide to fit in MTH containers...but they are the proper length.

Lionel containers and Evemodel have a compatible width for stacking...but not length! Lionel too short.

Below- Looks pretty good but...




Below-The Lionel container on top looks much bigger. It's just closer to the camera because the Lionel pins are inset at the 40' mark. These stack fine in the width department but don't match in length.


below is L-R MTH Evemodel Lionel






Scale length 40' on top of a 48'


The MTH is actually wider, but the holes and pins are set too narrow.



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  • 20240517_143432
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I’ve got several of these Evemodels containers and they are scale in all regards. They line up perfectly with the Atlas O containers. And they look very similar. The MTH and Lionel containers are not exactly a scale container as the holes for stacking are way too big, and not properly located.

id highly recommend these new containers for sure!

@Will Ebbert posted:

I'm hoping eventually they'll do 53' containers since they're presumably less concerned with licensing than Atlas...

It would be great if they would do the other style of 53' container so we could get accurate Schneider, JBHunt, Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and several other schemes.

But they don't seem to be too keen on other O scale Containers.  I asked.  HO, on the other hand, they have many others and a stand alone 40' well car that is very nicely done.


OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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