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Why have no manufacturers made an accurate intermodal container trailer. I have lots of Atlas intermodal cars and their very realistic containers and I have to put the containers on the very toy like Worldwide Intermodal trailers. I don't believe it would require a huge amount of capitol to make a trailer worthy of the Atlas containers.

Any thoughts?

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Thinking K-Line made some once upon a time that worked with their containers from their intermodal cars.  Not sure how easy it would be to find them.  Check Nicholas Smith Trains which was once a K-Line superstore.;p_oem_sku=K-8600S

Long before AtlasO was making their beautiful intermodal sets, the K-Line ones were die-cast and pretty impressive....I have the 5 car spline set and a couple of their stand alone thrall cars.  

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I have some K-Line/Worldwide Intermodal trailers that I bought on line. They're the most accurate I can find on the market today, but I would like to see a manufacturer take a step past diecast and match the quality of the Atlas containers that are being made. Also the K-Line trailers won't extend to accept a 53' trailer. I'll wait a little a little longer to see if any manufacturers step up to the plate, if not I'll go with K-Line.

Thanks for the input, Don

cubalz posted:

My entire layout is a large intermodal yard. I for one, would love to see a company taking this idea to production. Something else: Someone needs to make a 1/48 scale yard truck like what is used at trucking companies.

I would love someone to make these trailers.  I've toyed with making them myself, they are relatively easy until you get to the wheel assembly  

As far as yard trucks, haven't found any in 1/48, but they are out there in 1/50.  Check the "bay" they are usually available, although not always cheap.  The come in white and orange.  I have a few of these



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