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I know there was a post on these a while back. I wanted to start a new thread. I’m finishing a remodel on my basement so I don’t have my own layout currently. I was setting up a train around the tree for my son and decided to take some pictures of the well cars I currently have to show the differences. The atlas cannot navigate an O48 curve. As far as interchanable, the MTH premier containers fit nicely in the atlas car but all the others have pins that don’t really allow for swapping.



Images (9)
  • IMG_5993: atlas pink 53’ rebuilt with 40’ containers.
  • IMG_5995: MTH premier Union Pacific and railking Norfolk western. Both are 48’ with 48’ containers. I did not realize when I took the picture the connexs weren’t seated in the N&W.
  • IMG_5996: lionel Canadian northern. These ones work with the crane lionel made. But are much smaller.
  • IMG_5997: both are lionel. The souther pacific is from 04’ and the TTX is the most recent release. The biggest difference is see is height off the rails. But the newer TTX is lower but the SP still sits lower than either MTH
  • IMG_5992: Over head of all of them
  • IMG_5998: 2004 & 2022 lionel
  • IMG_5999: 90’s articulated
  • IMG_6002: Mth premier & railking
  • IMG_6001: 90s lionel next to current
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