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I am trying to make some Dwarf signals and the printing is good but in order to mount bulbs I need to get rid fo all of the internal support. Is there a way to print without the supports. (this is such a a small part that I really think that they are unnecessary),  Barring that, what is the best way to remove all of the plastic where the bulbs go.

Obviously I am new at this but please help a new guy.

I am using a anycubic Viper printer with the Ultimaker Cura 4,2,1


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OK. here we go. This is the dwarf signal controller box shown inmceclip0the 3D print files by CARL 552. As you can see, the cabinet is blocked from the front by a panel and when the panel is finally gotten off there is support junk behind it. (it looks a mess in the picture because I was trying to remove one of the plastic}  Is there any way to print the box without the internal supports or is there an easy way to remove them.

As usual, any help is appreciated.


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Have you tried reducing the % of support? Cura default is like 20%. Try reducing it to 10 and see if it makes it easier to get it out.  You could also try printing it laying flat on its back instead of upright and see if that makes the supports easier to remove.  

For removing supports, I usually use an Xacto chisel or some other kind of thin tool that I can get in there and wiggle around to break the supports free.  If they're in there too strongly, then reducing the support percentage would be the first thing I'd try.

I dont think you'll be able to print it support free, the roof of the cavity wont have anything to stand on and will just fall in. The printer cannot deposit filament into thin air. The only way I can see to print it support free is to either separate the roof of the signal and make it a glue on part, or lay it on its back, with the signal box face separate, so you can print it as an open rectangle and then glue on the face. If you take off the face and print it laid down, then you'll still need supports for the step from the base to the signal, but that ring of material should break off fairly easily.

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