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Made in Denmark and sold by International Hobby Corporation, this 1:48 scale kit #300-3 has never been opened. The box is dented from storage, but the outer cellophane wrap is intact.  I've kept this one for many years because I found these IHC kits a delight to assemble and planned to assemble this one as well.  However, I have absolutely no space for another structure on my layout, and continuing to keep this one boxed and stored just isn't very rational.  I ask $30 plus exact postage from my ZIP of 82701 to yours.  These kits are composed of very solid plastic and, packed for mailing, the package weight is just over three pounds.

The last photograph attached to this listing shows several of these house kits after assembly and placement on my layout.  It is included to show assembled IHC house kits and to help show their dimensions; nothing in that photograph is being offered for sale.  PayPal and personal checks are both fine for payment, by the way.  All email contacts will be answered, but I'm not on line 24/7 so please be patient.

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