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@Yellowstone Special,

How about an outdoor plaza?

Or, in the lobby of one of the tall buildings on the layouts of @Markf, @NYC Fan, or  @Allan Miller, visible from outside through the glass?

Or, a subway station like those built so nicely by @Matt and his cohorts.  Follow this link:

     The New Subway Station (8/2/2012) | Matt

Or, a large station?  Type "Union Station" into the OGR Forum search box.  You'll get many, many grand station models that could support a working escalator, inside seen through expansive windows.  Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, etc.

Anybody else with suggestions?


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There is at least one El station in NYC with escalators: 125th Street on the 1 line. The escalators go from the sidewalk to the entrance mezzanine, and after the fare zone there are stairs up to the platform. So there is definitely potential for an El layout to have an escalator. Usually escalators are enclosed to protect them from the elements, but since it never rains on model train layouts, a model escalator could be exposed for viewers to admire. 😁

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