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I just bought an iPhone 14 pro plus. I have had an iPhone X and used it to run my DCS trains, no problem ever. When I try the 14 I get a message saying that no TIU/WIU detected. Make sure they are on the same network. When I look at my phone I see that I have no MTH wify connection.

i can still use my iPad but no luck with the phone.

has anyone elserun into this? Anyone know of a cure?


Quay Beck

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I have a new iPhone 14 Pro, same as yours. I got it to work on the first try but  I found some sort on nuisance icon at the top of the screen right in the way of where you would see the connected engine   or something like that. I forget which because figuring this was always going to be a real nuisance, I deleted the phone app and resumed using my $80 Craigslist iPad mini. Much bigger and easier. I only wanted the phone app for my grandson's tiny fingers. If you got it to work and are happy, that's all that matters!

My older iPhone SE or 11 never had that problem.

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