I recently found a 1/32 1923 CHEVROLET SERIES D SUPER UTILITY TRUCK  made by National Motor museum mint  that I would like to make into a flat bed logging truck for my layout has anyone used this truck in there o gauge high rail layout?




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rattler21 posted:

It is your layout, do what you like. If it is within the standards you set, go for it.  John

Not what he asked. He knows whose layout it is. He is looking for modeling opinions, not permission. "It's your layout" is never helpful.

Now, to address the question: holy cow, that's way too big. Think about it. It would look, to use a technical modeling term, stupid.

1:32 is #1 scale (as in the big MTH line), not #0 (the proper "O gauge" term - it's a zero, not an "O") scale. 

NYC 428 posted:

1/50 scale is best for "O" gauge.  1/48 is a bit too big.

1:48 is exactly the correct scale for vehicles on an O gauge layout. 1:43 is a common size for die cast model cars but it is too big by about 12%. 1:32 is 50% too big for O gauge. 1:50 is 4% too small for O gauge. Many O gauge/scale modelers accept 1:43 and 1:50 scale vehicles as accurate enough to use as scale models on their layouts.


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