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It all depends on what you want. 17x15 is the equivalent of 9.3x8.3 in HO for example. If you want a continuous run then you don't have many options. JDunn has really maximized his space for continuous run.  What if you don't want pop-ups or broad stretches that you can't reach across? Then an around the room is your option which pretty much dictates the track plan.

Your mileage may vary, but I have come to a point that it is more important for me to get the type of railroad that I want and not just take whatever I can get to get big trains running. If I have to drop to S scale or HO to get what I want then so be it. You may be fine with that though. Is it too small of a space? That all depends on what you want to do. If you really like yard or passenger operations you probably wouldn't have enough room. If you like the layouts posted above then you are probably in good shape.

Good luck

This has ben a great thread guys, thanks, sorry I am late to the party. I have been trying to do something in O 2-rail for years, I have several locos and maybe 50 cars acquired over the years, mostly old Atlas and Intermountain cars. I really like the look of Proto48 but can't see installing $50 trucks on $5 cars!

I have about the same amount of On30 and have been planning a sectional layout to be set up outdoors or at shows, I can only fit 2-7' sections and a switching lead in my garage at a time. I really just want to run some trains! So have begun planning a loop of standard and On30 in my 12x18 foot barn but am frustrated I can't fit a 48" loop with some storage shelves and other features I want to keep so have been investigating if I can sell off all my 2-rail and On30 and buy used S scale stuff instead but there seems to be limited availability of steam locos (I like 1929) so am undecided and just running On30 on EZ-Track for the moment...

My 2-rail sections set up at the Emmett Cherry Festival 2016:

My On30 temp layout:

Silly train stuff I do:

For layout design you may want to consider around the wall concept running the track  twice around over under with a meandering right of way dodging obstacles with cosmetic curves.

Duck under / pop up access is only for those who will never have a health problem, never grow old or deny reality like I did on my previous layout.

For great prices on good condition used flex track get yourself to an 0 scale show.  Same goes for  turnouts.

There may be a good quantity at the Strasburg PA show if I have any left.

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When you know your needs you need to shop around.  Do a bulk order and have them have Atlas to ship direct to you.  This will get you the best price.  If you have a favorite dealer try working through them.

Consider Micromark who carries both Atlas ans ME track.  They often have sales and free shipping.  Right now a case (18 pieces) of flex is $250.


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