I have not seen too many posts from Marty, I wondering if he is ok. Just hoping he is taking some time off from the forum. 


PUBLISHER'S UPDATE:  As you all know, Marty is one of the if not THE most well known member of this forum and has always been an Ambassador for our hobby.  Many of you hold Marty and Dotty very close to your heart and have asked about his condition.  Dotty has given us an update today (6-20-19) and so I have decided it appropriate to feature this thread so that more of you can find it more easily.  Thanks Dave for starting it...and we all pray for a speedy and positive outcome for Marty. 

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I totally get Dave's concern. The for sale post is the first time in a while I've seen anything from Marty. I know he has had health issues in the past, but don't know him well enough to have any actual info. Just what I can observe from the forum.

Hello Guys.   It is my health.   A few years ago I had prostate cancer and needed to get my prostate removed.   That was followed up with radiation  and hormone therapy.   Two years ago it was discovered that I now have bladder cancer.    Three different operations were done to remove the cancer.   I just had one recently and the effects of being put out as many times as I have had are causing me all sorts of grief.   To top that, I had a blood clot removed from my leg only two days after the bladder operation.   I am trying to get better from all of this and doing my best.  I will not be at York this April.   This will be the first time I have missed from 1980.   I am a fighter and will hopefully go to York in the fall.    Thank you all for your concerns.  It is appreciated very much.   Being a person who never smoked a day in my life I will fight this.

Thank you for your concern David.







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I like your attitude Marty, hang in there!

The wife of a TCA buddy of mine has had so many cancer surgeries over the last 20+ years, they've turned the poor woman into a "Swiss cheese", but she's still walking around. Living proof it can be done with modern medicine and a strong will.

Hopefully this latest round will will have gotten it all and you can concentrate on just getting better.

I had to spend a couple nights in the hospital back in December, and was climbing the walls, and my problem wasn't even that serious. The word is, for every night you spend in the hospital, it takes a week at home to recover. Sounds about right too, took me about two weeks to start feeling right again.

Mark your release date on the calendar, and try to stay out of there.

Prayers for you Marty. As I type this my youngest daughter is sitting next to me. She was born four months premature. The Docs said she had less than a 10% chance to survive. She graduated collage this past fall, so don't believe everything the Docs say...someone else is at the controls.





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Marty Fitzhenry posted:

 I will not be at York this April.   This will be the first time I have missed from 1980.  

York will NOT be the same without you there, my friend, and I say that in all honesty and sincerity. That said, the next thing I want to hear from or about you is that you are on the mend and doing well! I do expect to see you browsing the Orange Hall in October!

Marty thanks for responding, your friends in Tennessee will place you and your family and friends on our Prayer List for Healing mercies. May God Bless You and Be with You. Your a great Ambassador of this hobby. Your wealth of help to this hobby is immeasurable....Stay Strong....Your Friends in the Hobby love you. Great post, stay in touch. Get well.

I don't really need to tell anyone here this, but Marty Fitzhenry is one of the BEST!  I'm not necessarily a praying man, but I will say one for your speedy recovery every day  from now until I see you again this fall at York.  If I were to try to define friendship, the first thing I do is hold up an example.   One of the first people I use as an example is you, Marty.  You are an asset to the hobby.  You help everybody. 

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Feel Better Marty. Thoughts and prayers




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Marty,  I am sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery. I wish all the best for you!


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Prayers and best wishes.  I have two close friends who went through the same issues at stage 4 and are now clear and healthy over 5 years later. Both utilized prayer, excellent health care,  anti cancer diets, and plenty of hope for years more of running trains!

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